4 Things you MUST do in Berlin over summer!


I love this quote from “The Great Gatsby” :

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer”.

As Scott Fitzgerald rightly puts it, summer has the potential to change your life.

It changes your perception of things.

It also changes places.

Places, such as Berlin.

So many things to do in Berlin… But summer is special!

That is a good question, isn’t it!

Obviously it is a very subjective one.

Now, summer season in Berlin is an adventurous journey.

One that you don’t want to miss!

You only have 3 precious summer months (normally)…

Endless chats on the balcony while sipping some sour ice-cold limo, dances in the night with no shoes on, cycling until your legs become numb and falling onto some green grass far away from the city crowd…. You name it!

Every summer Berlin prepares for you new exciting places and experiences.

I will introduce you to some activities that have made my Berlin summers unforgettable…

I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do.

From dancing in the famous Tiergarten, to watching outdoor cinema in one of Berlin’s hippest parks, and swimming in my favourite lake….

Are you ready?

Here we go!

#1 Spend a summer’s evening at Berlin’s Teehaus … it will waltz you around!

Random Fact: Teehouse is located in “Englischen Garten”- a famous place not far from the “Siegessäule” (Golden Statue of Liberty) in Tiergarten, Berlin.

Good to know: It’s a nice, peaceful restaurant with a terrace – a perfect place for a romantic summer dinner, that turns into a dance hall during the warm season.

You would have never guessed…You can enjoy all sorts of music styles here, from Jazz to Hip-Hop, every day it is different. If you come during daytime, you might still catch the sun and enjoy the music sitting in an outside seating area (Germans call this ‘beer garden’ / Biergarten) nearby.  Or just make yourself comfortable on the grass!

Best summer evening activity in Berlin: for those who like to dance…!

Perfect activity, if you are… the adventurous type, open-minded and you love dancing!
Duration01.07-02.09 2018
What timePerfect evening activity, it is open 16:00-24:00 pm
€€€Free entrance
LocationVocio Teehaus Betriebs GmbH, Altonaerstrasse 2, 10557 Berlin
My personal tip!Come along without checking out the program beforehand, especially if you haven’t been there before. Be spontaneous! :)

A friendly atmosphere and a good combination of a classic chilled outside area as well as a playful rocky sound.

Don’t forget your sparkling dancing shoes, don’t be shy, come by! www.konzertsommer.berlin

#2 Go to Friedrichshain open air cinema in Berlin during summer (Freiluftkino!)

Speaking of the open-air cinemas.

I’ve noticed that not all Berlin people are huge fans of cinemas. And it’s understandable – what can be more relaxing than pressing one button on your laptop, getting comfortable on your sofa with some freshly-made banana bread and watch Netflix instead?

However, I was positively surprised when I first came to the freiluft kino Friedrichschain – an open-air cinema in one of the most beloved regions of the Berlin youth. 

Why go to the open air cinema Berlin-Friedrichshain (Freiluftkino)?!

Random Fact: The open air cinema not only features blockbusters. Here you can also watch alternative and independent films you wanted to see all year but didn’t have time to!

Good to know:  Bring whatever you like for a snack, and a blanket in case it gets a little fresh in the evening.

You would have never guessed: Sometimes movies are screened for free and accompanied by talks and music festivals! Just check out the program http://www.freiluftkino-berlin.de

This is the perfect activity in Berlin in summer, …if you are love watching films in a comfortable atmosphere, and want to enjoy a warm summer’s night outside!
DurationMay until September
What time of day?21:00 – perfect evening activity after work or studying
€€€Around 7 Euros for a ticket, concessions for students are available
LocationThe cinema is placed in a superb location right in the middle of a beautiful park

The exact location is Landsberger Allee 15, 10249 Berlin.

What is so great about it?It is such a unique place (also for an evening date?!)! My tip: Come a bit early and take a walk through the park.

I think the Berlin open air cinema in Friedrichshain one of the things that are great in its simplicity, as an open space creates a special atmosphere you won’t find in a movie hall.

It’s fun to try different cinemas during the warm season. It’s a big thing in Berlin. Other open air cinemas in Berlin worth going to are, for example,  Sommerkino Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz. It has a great view over the historical site of Potsdamer Platz and its architectural ensemble!

Happy viewing!

#3 My favourite (best!) lake for swimming in Berlin – Lake Krumme Lanke

There are so many wonderful lakes in Berlin. My favourite one is Lake Krumme Lanke. It is located near the last U-Bahn stop of U3.  Getting there by bike or with public transport, you can easily find it.

Facts about swimming in Lake Krumme Lanke in Berlin:

Random Fact: What I love about this lake is that it is so big. This means everyone can find a private spot. This place is mostly known to locals, so this place is perfect for a sweet escape.

Good to know:  There is no kiosks nearby, so prepare some sandwiches and refreshments to spend a day like a slacker : )

You would have never guessed: If you are a fan of fresh vegies and dairy products and like animals, you can stop by a real farm on your way to the lake! The name of the farm is “Domäne Dahlem” is located in 30 minutes from the Krumme Lanke, the address is Königin-Luise-Straße 49, 14195 Berlin, http://www.domaene-dahlem.de/home/

The farm also contains an agriculture museum and is just outside the underground station “Dahlem Dorf”, which is also on the U3 line.

People working there are friendly and welcoming. They can tell you about the whole process “from farm to fork”, you can pet and feed animals and try the food at the market or take away. It’s especially good when it’s warm and exceptionally good if you have a family and kids.

If you are Dreaming of a good swim
DurationWhile it’s still hot
What time of day?When you are free and want to cheer up a friend of yours!


Visiting the Domäne Dahlem the Museum will cost you 4 euros maximum. Children up to 18 years are free of charge.
LocationTake a short-distance walk through the Grunewald (a forest surrounding the water reservoir)
My personal tipGo swimming – What I love about this place is that the lake is so clean (its water condition is monitored by German government!)

It’s simple and it’s fun!

I can assure you, this combination will bring something new to your daily routine.

If we never leave the centre of Berlin, we may be unaware, how much we miss seeing green grass instead of grey asphalt :)

#4 Have a romantic picnic at Berlin Thai Park (Preussenpark)!

If hearing “Som Tam and Pad Thai” makes your mouth water, I have something for you here. Get ready, Berliners.

Continuing the story of a west-berlin miracles, the Thai Park may spark your interest. A long forgotten real name of this small park is “Preußenpark”.

Somehow, Asian culture is different it attracts attention of the Germans and its cuisine is still on demand.

This is the Thai food in Berlin – in my humble opinion…

Random Fact: The story behind this small green area near U-Bhf Konstanzer Straße starts in the 1990s. Back then, some Asian families were coming here to have picnics in a community. They soon understood people from the city loved to join their get-togethers.

Good to know: Bring a blanket. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the food, as there are no places to sit. Also, better bring your own beverages. You’ll save a lot of money. Last but not the least, as it gets hot during the day, I would stick to the appetizers made from scratch.

You would have never guessed: It’s super cheap, all specialties start from 1 Euro! The variety is great – sups, grilled seafood and meat, a lot of vegetarian dishes, desserts. Even if you are here out of a curiosity, you will eventually try something!

You wil love this, if you are A Thai food-lover, ready for some cultural exchange or just want to have some good food in Berlin!
Duration Weekends and weekdays, if the weather is good
What time of day?During the weekend from 12 till 17-18:00
€€€From 1 Euro till infinity
LocationThaipark (Preußenpark) Brandenburgische Strasse, 10707 Berlin
What I love about this placeThe atmosphere actually reminds you of Thailand in a way that all the salespeople are preparing food right in front of you, standing shoulder to shoulder, happily chatting away.

Those of you who’ve been in Thailand can tell!

Apart from that, the taste of the food will take your breath away. You won’t find anything similar, at least in my opinion, this is top notch!

Tiny smiley lady-cooks will make you long for more :)

Finally…Why I love doing things in Berlin over summer!

Warm season in Berlin is something I cherish. I know, I will remember every summer I spent in this amazing city.

Don’t hesitate to create unforgettable stories for yourself too!

Berlin’s summer will fix it for you.

Follow your craziest dreams and don’t forget to have fun!


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