How to get a German landlord confirmation (‘Wohnungsgeberbestätigung’)

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In 2015, Germany introduced a new registration law (Meldegesetz). According to this law, you had to get a landlord confirmation when you register or deregister in Germany.

In German, there are various names for this landlord confirmation form: sometimes its called Vermieterbescheinigung (literally, ‘landlord certificate’), Wohnungsgeberbestätigung (‘apartment giver confirmation’), Einzugsbestätigung (‘move-in-confirmation’) or Auszugsbestätigung (‘move-out-confirmation’).

Update: In November 2016, Germany changed this new registration law again (Meldegesetz). Since then, you only need to fill out a landlord confirmation when you register in Germany (Einzugsbestätigung). You no longer need to provide the landlord confirmation when you deregister and leave Germany  (Auszugsbestätigung).

What is a Einzugsbestätigung (move-in confirmation)?

Einzugsbestätigung refers to a written confirmation by your landlord in Germany which confirms that you have moved into a German residence.

If you want to register your residence in Germany, download the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung and give it to your landlord to fill it out, or sign it.

Then take this form together with the registration form to the registration office to register (anmelden). Your landlord must sign this form. Otherwise you cannot register.

What is a Auszugsbestätigung (move-out confirmation)?

Auszugsbestätigung is the written confirmation by your landlord indicating when you will move out of your German apartment/ house. Between Nov 2015 and Nov 2016, everyone had to provide this document to deregister.

Important update:

On Nov 1, 2016 a new registration law (Meldegesetz) was introduced, again. Now you no longer need a landlord confirmation to deregister (‘Auszugsbestatigung’ / Wohnungsgeberbestatigung). It is enough to send the deregistration form to your registration office.

What does Vermieter or Vermieterbescheinigung mean? Useful German words

What is Anmeldung? It refers to registering your residence in Germany. Everyone who stays in Germany more than three months must register.

What is a Vermieter? It means landlord / renter.

What is Abmeldung? It means deregistering your residence before you leave Germany.

What is the difference between Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, VermieterbescheinigungEinzugsbestätigung and Auszugsbestätigung? There is no difference! Don’t be confused. They are FOUR words for one document. This document can be downloaded for free if you scroll further below.

What if my landlord does not sign the German landlord confirmation?

You need the signature of your landlord on the landlord confirmation form.

However, some people find it difficult to get the signature. This is especially the case, if they have already left Germany and want to deregister.

So what to do, if you cannot get the signature from your landlord?

If you cannot contact your landlord, then you must get in touch with your local registration office in Germany. You are best advised to call them and explain your situation.

You can find out the contact details of your registration office by googling ‘Buergeramt + your German address’.

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