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On our website you can do German bureaucracy online. We guide you through all the steps you need to take after you have moved to Germany: register your residence, apply for health insurance, get a social security number, and so on.

You choose: Do it yourself – or get an expert! If you want to save money and time, just make use of our digital solutions. They are quick and easy. You can fill everything out in English. Feeling helpless and need some guidance? No worries. Just get in touch with one of our experts who will guide you through the process safely!

What we do

Have you dealt with all bureaucratic hurdles yet? Here are some steps you must take after arriving in Germany. Fill out the paperwork on our website and get started with your new life today!

Expat Deals

Get access to the same discounts that locals benefit from! Save up to 50% on train tickets, get 3€ off your first online food delivery, or register for free on Germany’s largest website for housing classifieds.


Clueless? Get unique insights about living in Germany in our Wiki. Our articles explores topics, such as “How to see a doctor in Germany”, “10 Facts about Registration” or “9 Steps to becoming a freelancer in Germany”.