Get a SIM card & mobile phone in Germany

Telekom and Lycamobile (Vodafone network) offer the best cell phone plans for Romanians in Germany. They have the best network coverage and the fastest Internet.

Best 2 deals

  1. You should get Lycamobile if you want to get a free SIM with cheap international calls & fast LTE Internet.
  2. Order a Telekom cell phone plan, if you stay in Germany longterm. It lasts for 24 months and is comparatively the cheapest cell phone plan. You get a free new smartphone with it, as well as unlimited calls, texts & Internet data. Check out below, which option is best for you.

Free SIM 

√ Special: Get free SIM card

√ prepaid SIM card
√ cheapest for international calls
√ cheap texts & high-speed internet
√ stay flexible

SIM + new smartphone

√ Specials: 10% online discount

√ free minutes and texts
√ free data (LTE internet)
√ cheap options for EU texts/minutes/data
√ free new smartphone like iPhone, Samsung, LG etc.
√ plan lasts for 24 months