Open a Bank Account in Germany

Everyone who moves to Germany needs a German bank account sooner or later. As you may have already noticed, there is a number of German banks. So which one to choose?

We have asked newcomers in Germany about their favourite bank accounts in Germany. Some want to have a very basic free bank account. Others prefer to have English-speaking customer service and online banking in English. For this, they are willing to pay a small monthly fee. Whatever your personal preference, you can find your best match on this page. Further below you can find a selection of banks that are expat-friendly and offer their services in English. Here you can fill in the application forms directly online.

Note that you normally need to have registered your residence to open a bank account. If you are not registered in Germany but you live in the EU, then you can still have the N26 account and get a German IBAN.

Bank account for your phone


√ open account online
√ everything is in English
√ only online support
√ free Mastercard
√ free cash withdrawals worldwide / per month
new: free business account!

Free online bank account


√ completely free
√ normally comes with overdraft
√ no card fees, no bank fees
√ free cash withdrawals worldwide’
√ email / telephone support

Account at a branch bank


√ online banking in English
√ personal support in English
√ information available in English
√ open account online
√ free cash withdrawals at more than 35,000 ATMs worldwide