Get Health Insurance in Germany

Everyone who is registered in Germany must have health insurance. This is written in the law. There are different types of health insurance. Which kind of health insurance you need depends on your individual situation. Are you a student, employed or do you work as a freelancer? How long will you be in Germany for? Are you here for a limited period of time, or are you planning to stay in the long term? Do you need a proof of health insurance for your visa application? All of this influences which health insurance you should opt for. And you can find the solution on this page.

We selected the best 3 health insurance options for expats in Germany. Just choose the health insurance option, which apples to your individual case. One of the options will fit your needs. All health insurance providers on this page offer their service in English and are highly recommended by the SympatMe expat community.

Fill out your health insurance application form now. Online. And make a free consultation to explore your personal options.

Public Health Insurance – AOK

Who is eligible?

√ anyone with an employment contract
√ students
√ self-employed with an income
√ registered as unemployed

Private Health Insurance – CareConcept

Who is eligible?

√ you need proof of health insurance for a German visa or residence permit
√ interns, language students, au-pairs, tourists, …
√ anyone with no income in Germany

Private Health Insurance

Who is eligible?

√ you intend to stay in Germany for an unlimited amount of time
√ employees earning more than 4575,- € / month
√ self-employed