Find a short-term apartment in Germany

Looking for an apartments where you can stay a few days to a couple of months? Here you will find a list of short-term and mid-term accommodation. The reasons why you are looking for a temporary apartment can be manifold. Finding a long term place to stay in Germany can be a challenge, for example.  As such, it can make sense to move into a temporary apartment first. This gives you plenty of time to get sorted. It is normally possible to register your residence at these temporary apartments. We have made a list of the different options you have in terms of short term living arrangements in Germany. They range from cheap temporary studios to fully-serviced and furnished apartments. If you find yourself busy, why not get personal assistance from an expert to help you find a place?

> Furnished apartment

√ 1-3 month minimum stay

√ furniture, Internet, electricity, etc. included
√ use address for official letters and residence registration
√ get English-speaking support with bureaucratic matters
√ in all major German cities

> Fully-serviced & furnished apartment

√ minimum stay from as little as 1 night to several years

√ fully-serviced and furnished flat ready for you to move in right now
√ similar to a hotel, but cheaper!
√ rates include bills and wirelsss LAN, normally comes with a small kitchen
√ supportive English-speaking customer service; a “WGB” can be provided

› Get personal support & find a flat today!

√ 1 month minimum stay – the quick & easy way

√ create a search profile together with one of our experts
√ select between 3 apartments based on your preferences
√ our expert guides you through the bureaucratic process
√ residence registration usually possible