Get a SIM card & mobile phone in Germany

Telekom and Lycamobile (Vodafone network) offer the best cell phone plans for foreigners in Germany. They have the best network coverage and the fastest Internet. You can find our favourite mobile phone plans further below.

You should get Lycamobile if you want to get a free SIM with cheap international calls & fast LTE Internet. The SIM card gets sent to your address within 1-2 working days. Their website is in English.

Order a Telekom cell phone plan, if you stay in Germany longterm. It lasts for 24 months and is comparatively cheaper than having a prepaid plan. You get a free new smartphone with it, as well as unlimited calls, texts & Internet data. Check out below, which option is best for you.

Free SIM 

√ Special: Get free SIM card

√ prepaid SIM card
√ cheapest for international calls
√ cheap texts & high-speed internet
√ stay flexible

SIM + new smartphone

√ Specials: 10% online discount

√ free minutes and texts
√ free data (LTE internet)
√ cheap options for EU texts/minutes/data
√ free new smartphone like iPhone, Samsung, LG etc.
√ plan lasts for 24 months